• As a Regional Main Hospital,We will totally offer High Quality Medical Care ,and develop the Medical Staff for the future.
  • As a Stronghold to save lives for Local communities
  • Practical Combined Modality Therapy of surgery, chemo and radiation therapy
  • To protect the precious lives of children
  • To offer high level medical care
  • As a Bearer of necessary medical care at local communities

Information about COVID-19

Visiting ward is prohibited from August 1, 2020 to prevent infection.
Number of attendants for an outpatient is limited up to 2.
※An interpreter is included in the number above.

*Exception for visiting patients
To drop/pick up patient’s personal belongings(Hand the baggage to a clerk at nurse office.)
To receive a doctor’s briefing, attend for surgery or attend for patient’s personal care by hospital request

See below for the details.COVID-19 Information

Director’s Greeting

It has been 130 years since Sasebo City General Hospital had been established.

To carry out our flexible medical care toward the changeable era circumstances and to maintain our role, as a municipal hospital, we changed our management style in April 2016. Our mission to protect the Good Health of our local community will never change even 100 years later. Our basic philosophy is; As a Regional Main Hospital, we will totally offer high quality medical care and develop the medical staff for the future. Furthermore, our medical care is consisted of 5 pillars.

First of all, our “Emergency Critical Care” carried on a role as the last stronghold within the tertiary care. On the second, our “Cancer Therapy” is heading to diversification and totalizing of surgeries, chemotherapies and radiation therapies. On the third, our “Children and Perinatal medicine” is to build up the system for high risk deliveries and critical neonatal diseases. On the forth, “Advanced and Specialized Medical Care” is to pursue our advanced progressing upon 31 departments. For the last, our “Medical Policy” is valued on the public needs; we undertake a role of medical care for isolated islands and prevention of infection.

We also set a goal to 3 satisfactions. The first is “Patients’ satisfaction”. We give our patients necessary information and heighten the quality of our medical services for them. The second is “Local satisfaction”, which is the total medical activities to maintain and progress the health for local communities, and it can be possible within a cooperation of medical facilities, paramedics, administrative organs, care facilities and companies on the healthcare industry. It is important to work together for the best usage of our local resources to secure healthy medical care. The third is “Satisfaction of workers, students and residents”. The Hospital has to be a place to exercise their abilities and gain the chances of progressing through their experience and training. It will never be accomplished without an education system of human resources and great work circumstance.

Sasebo City General Hospital inherits the traditional spirits since establishment and passes them to the future. We will evolve forward to adapt to such changes in the times.

Dr. Koji Sumikawa


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