Basic Information for Overseas Patients

Our hospital is a Regional Medical Care Support Hospital which provides highly specialized medical services for patients in acute stage.
Therefore, those who wish to visit us need both a referral letter from a clinic and an appointment in advance.
If you do not have an appointment nor require emergency treatment, please visit a local clinic first.

Please note the following points before seeing our doctor.


  1. Please show your Japanese Health Insurance Card and Residence Card at the window.
    If you do not have either of them, a valid photo ID such as passport is required.
  2. If you have any religious concerns or requests regarding medical treatment,
    please let us know in advance.
  3. Appointment is also required for Return-Visit.

Treatment and Doctor’s briefing

  1. Waiting time may get longer depending on your condition or medical treatment.
  2. The doctor explains your disease state, courses of treatment or surgery, etc.
    during office hours, Monday – Friday.
  3. Avoid leaving your seat, answering the phone, drinking or eating during the doctor’s briefing.


  1. Medical translation device is available in 19 languages.
  2. Your personal interpreter can accompany you, however, we are not accountable for disadvantages such as misinterpretation.


  1. Outpatient prescription is basically for the pharmacies outside of the hospital. Please get your prescription filled at the nearby pharmacy.
  2. The prescription is valid only for 4 days including the date of issue.


  1. Patient is responsible for the medical expenses in full. Please pay in Japanese Yen (JPY).
  2. Payment by credit card is also available. (VISA, MasterCard, JCB, AMEX, DINERS, etc.)
  3. If you carry an insurance policy abroad, please finish your payment at our hospital first, then claim a refund to the insurance company later.
  4. If you are on active duty or a family member of the active-duty service member, please let us know at the window.
  5. Medical expenses for hospitalization / outpatient departments can be estimated. Please ask at the window if you need an estimate in advance. Please note that the actual bill may be different from the estimates.
  6. After payment, a receipt in English, Chinese or Korean is available during office hours, Monday-Friday. It costs 1,100 yen per sheet including tax.

Medical Administration Division
Sasebo City General Hospital