Fee for Treatment of Patients’ Choice 選定療養費について

To promote the functional share at medical facilities, patients are obligated to pay the “Fee for Treatment of Patients’ Choice”. This is in addition to the consultation fee on their first and return visits whenever they have consultations at a Regional Medical Care Support Hospital with 200 or more beds, unless they have referral letters.

Based on the Regional Medical Care Support system, we do not examine patients without referral letters.
Still, some consultations are accepted only when the patients are judged to be necessary to take without a letter. Those patients are required to pay the “Fee for Treatment of Patients’ Choice” in addition to the consultation fee.

We appreciate your understanding and cooperation.

Details Fee
We will charge you in addition to the consultation fee when…
First time Visit …you see a doctor for the first time without a referral letter. 7,700yen
(Tax included)
Return Visit …you see the doctor again even though we gave you a referral letter to another medical facility on the previous consultation. 3,300yen
(Tax included)
Out of Office Hour
( Nights, Weekends and Holidays )
…you see a doctor during the night, weekend or holidays without a referral letter.
※Patients who require the urgent medical care are excepted.
【Applicable time zone】
05:15pm~08:00am on Monday-Friday
24 hours on Weekends and Holidays
(Tax included)