Improving medical services with your medical records(次世代医療基盤法)

This hospital provides patient’s medical information to business operators certified by the national government. The data is used for research on treatment methods and medications to improve medical services in the future.
These certified business operators anonymize the medical information by deleting information such as names and addresses to ensure that the individual patient cannot be identified before providing information to researchers.
If you do not wish to provide your information, please let us know.
(Refusing to provide your information will not impact the care you receive.)
*Patients who receive medical care at this hospital will be subject to the above system as of Feb. 1, 2021.


Certified operators

Medical information will be provided to business operators certified by the national government, based on the “Act on Anonymized Medical Data That Are Meant to Contribute to Research and Development in the Medical Field”. The operators shall not use your information for other purposes than those stipulated in the Act, which is strictly prohibited by law.

Contents and methods of providing medical information

Present and past information about consultations, inspections and treatments (e.g. medication, test results, treatment records, side effects in the electronic medical chart) are provided by means of officially certified safe networks.

To individuals who do not wish to provide their medical information

If you do not wish to provide your medical information, you may request discontinuation of providing information at any time.
Your information will not actually be provided to the certified business operator until one month has passed since you had a doctor’s consultation or medical procedures.
For children under the age of 16 or incapacitated individuals, a parent or guardian, etc. may conduct these procedures on their behalf.
Your name must be written in Katakana as your patient ID card shows. If you do not have anyone to help, please visit us.

Discontinuation may be requested through the following means:
(1) At the hospital :
Ask at #3 window for an application form. Your Patient ID card is required.
(2) By mail service :
Download the application form at our website, fulfill the form and send it to the address below. A copy of Patient ID card or driver’s license etc. needs to be enclosed.
Address) Medical records office, Sasebo City General Hospital 9-3 Hirase-cho, Sasebo 857-8511


Application form(PDF File)
Letter of Attorney for Application(PDF File)