Procedure to receive Prescription

External Prescription

To promote the division of prescription by the government, we have been using the External Prescription system since 2002.
External Prescription is to get your prescriptions filled at any local pharmacy convenient to you or in your residential area, instead of at our hospital pharmacy.

Since 2010, we have basically issued External Prescriptions for all patients except specific occasions below.

*Prescriptions such as Insulin are also filled at local pharmacies.
*Needles for self-injection, chips and needles for self-check blood glucose levels are available at our pharmacy.

For delivery of your prescription, notify us at Prescription Fax Corner. We will search the applicable pharmacy .

Internal Prescription:
In-hospital prescription, Treatment not covered by insurance, Investigational agent, specific drugs and patients for US Navy.

Benefit of External Prescription

Your family pharmacist will investigate the right combination and safety of your prescriptions from several clinics or over-the-counter drugs. And he/she will give you a procedure briefing of taking medicine to prevent side effects.

Our pharmacists

Our pharmacists mainly control all prescription for inpatients, chemotherapy, compliance instruction and management of drug control.


For further questions about prescriptions, visit us at Pharmacy Window, 1st floor, or call at 0956-24-1515 Ext.6159, Prescription FAX corner. *Japanese language only.