Additional charge for Emergency Consultation 時間外に救急受診される場合に発生する料金について(時間外選定療養費)

2022.10.01 revised

Emergency Critical Care Center at Sasebo City General Hospital offers urgent medical treatments 24/7 for critical patients, such as Cerebrovascular Accident, Acute Cardiac Infarction, serious wounds and others within Sasebo City and north Nagasaki prefecture.
If you have a mild case or not urgent, please go to the Municipal Clinic (Kyubyo Shinryosho) for the first consultation.
When you still take a consultation for mild case at this hospital, you are charged extra in addition to your medical bill.

Extra charge: 7,700 yen
Applicable hours: 5:15pm – 8:00am weekdays,
24 hours on weekends, holidays and Dec.29-Jan.3

Case1: The consultation and treatments were made during the time range above by doctor’s decision.
Case2: Admitted to the hospital after consultation by doctor’s Decision.
Case3: Submitted a referral letter from other medical facilities.
Case4: Applied Public Health Care Programs.