Visiting Patients needs an Appointment

We begin to reaccept visitors with an appointment as of April 1, 2024, when all the conditions below are satisfied.
Please apply for a visitor’s pass and observe infection preventive measures.
*Please be advised that visiting might be restricted based on infection status.

◎ Operation starts  :April 1, 2024
◎ Number of visitors :Up to 2 members of the family aged 15 and over*Spouse / parents / children / siblings / caregiver
◎ Appointment     :Required including visitation on weekends and holidays
◎ Visiting hours   :Within 15 minutes per visit, during 2pm-4pm
◎ Frequency     :Approx. once a week
※Please wear a mask in the hospital.
※Visiting patients is allowed only at the ward, nowhere else.
※Please refrain from visiting at least for 10 days if visitors are infected with COVID-19.

Going out or staying out over night during hospitalization is prohibited in principle.

※Requests for appointment are accepted on weekdays, 1pm-5pm, at the ward.

Conditions for a visit without appointment
◇To attend a doctor briefing, or surgery / examination, or attend to the patient by hospital request
◇To carry patient’s baggage for admission / discharge
◇To drop / retrieve patient’s personal belongings

※Please hand the baggage to a clerk at nurse office, during 1pm-5pm.

Visitor’s Pass

Please make sure to wear “Visitor’s Pass (入館許可証)” before entering the ward.
Application and issuance of the pass is available at Main Entrance Reception on weekdays, or at After-Hours Reception on weekends and holidays.

Sasebo City General Hospital