Other Facilities

Library for Outpatients

setsubi-01-chineseWe have some books and brochures for you to research about treatments such as cancer.

setsubi-02-chinesePCs for internet are available as well for your waiting time.

Coin-operated Locker

setsubi-03-chineseFee :  ¥100 / 1 time use (up to 24 hours)
Available length : within 3 days (After 4 days have past, the contents will be put in our storage or disposed of.)
What not to store : Valuables, anything dangerous, animals, things that may break or damage the locker or any other unsuitable items to store.
Attention: If you lost the key, 3000 yen is required as an exchange cost.

Baby Beds

setsubi-04-chineseBaby beds are available at the lobby, 1F(next to the lockers) and the back of waiting space at Pediatrics, 2F. Breast-feeding space is also available at the 2F.

Lending Carriers

setsubi-05-chinese5 types of carriers such as wheelchairs and carts are available. Please return them to the right spot they used to be after every use.

Lounge Corner in the Lobby

setsubi-06-chineseLounge spaces are available at the lobby.
Please enjoy watching TV shows at the couches in front of the convenience store.