Parking Fee

Parking Fee : ¥100 / 30 min.
Outpatients Up to 3 hours Free
Per 30 minutes after 3 hours ¥100
Visitors Per 30 minutes ¥100
How to receive a parking discount

1) Receive a stamp on your parking ticket at the reception of your department or ward.
2) Submit the stamped ticket at window #3 on the 1st floor (8:30AM-5:15PM) or after-hours reception (5:15PM 8:30 AM).
*The entire process can be done at Internal-medicine and a few other departments.

  • Parking is available up to 24 hours. Inpatients are NOT allowed to use the parking lot during their stay.
  • Notify to the chief of your ward for the cases below;
    a) On the day of admission and discharge
    b) An attendant on the day of surgery
    c) An attendant through night is permitted by doctor
  • Only one car is eligible for a discount per patient.